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Mustang Quarter Window Blackouts (2005-14)

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C-PIllar scoops are one of the most popular modifications to 2005-14 Mustang models, providing a sportier look for this modern muscle car. Complete the clean look with this quick and effective interior modification that perfectly compliments any C-Pillar scoop. The C-Pillar Window Blackouts will enhance the interior appearance and cover the small, rear windows so you're not looking into the inside of a C-PIllar scoop. Available in Charcoal only!


These are now available for the 2010-14 Mustang windows! CDC# 112041

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Reviews (15)

1/4 window covers

Written by John on 23rd Jul 2019

Interior side of covers look great. The window side is unfinished. Placed in windows before applying adhesive. Could see the adhesive tape and the raw unfinished surface thru gaps in the window louvers. Not a good look. I cut a piece of 1/8 thick black ABS plastic which I attached to covers with the supplied adhesive. I then used black adhesive Velcro to attach to window. So could be removed if needed.


Written by TODD on 12th Jun 2019

My interior is dove gray (2006 GT) and the dove gray are next to impossible to find. So I went with the standard charcoal. When they arrived in the box I automatically decided to leave them be because they look good as is propped up in the dove gray interior (same I'm sure would apply to tan as well) the material is a spot on match to the factory headliner material so once installed it looks like it rolled out of the factory with these in place. Easy install (wedge them in and you're done) These are the best priced I could find anywhere as well (half the cost of others out there with no difference in quality) If you've got quarter covers these are a must to make the interior look finished and sanitary.

Quarter Window Blackouts

Written by Jeff Nimon on 28th Feb 2019

• Prompt Shipping • Great Quality • Perfect Fit

Inside 1/4 window covers

Written by Larry Ballard on 11th Jan 2017

Look great and a must with the installation window scoops on the outside. Just wish they stuck better. When installing use new wider 3M tape and you'll be ok.

Fits Great on a 2014 GT Mustang

Written by Ted on 4th Mar 2016

Great fitment, matches interior well and high quality. Must say the website has it listed wrong (only giving options for 05-09 and 10-12) but the 10-12 model interior is identical to the 13-14 model. I would say that the 10-14 label for the option would clear up the confusion. Other then that, great product, way to go CDC!


Written by undefined on 29th Sep 2014


Customer Service

Written by Steve E. on 25th Mar 2014

Extremely nice product. Blocked off my quarter windows inside my 2006 Mustang GT. It was actually upholstered, felt just like a headliner. Very nice.

finishing touch

Written by Bob B on 16th Aug 2013

Easy to install. Fits great. Really finishes interior off well

A UNIQUE touch for your pony

Written by Geoff B. on 1st Jul 2013

I just recently bought a new 13 Mustang from Tom Holzer Ford. I told the salesman I wanted to buy these and dress up the car because it was too plain looking for my personal style. He told me if I saw them on CDC's website, no problem! He order'd them for me along with the c scoop louvers and had them installed for me when I picked up the car. Dresses the car up perfectly, adds a unique, clean & classic touch to the car. HIGHLY recommended! They look like they are installed at the factory. Even tho Ford doesnt put these on the Mustang, Im sure glad CDC does.

OEM quality

Written by Rob on 22nd May 2013

Looks like OEM piece. Fast and easy install.

Musteng 1/4 Window Blackouts

Written by David H. on 9th May 2013

Don't wait to install 1/4 window louvers or scoops before installing this high quality item. Put in first to verify a good window bond seen from the outside, then install your louvers or scoops. These make the inside look factory finished. Most definitley recommended!

mustang quarter window blackouts

Written by Henry on 1st Mar 2013

I highly recommend the quarter window blackouts.The covers fit perfectly and were very easy to install and looked great

Mandatory if you have outside louvers

Written by John on 12th Aug 2012

When I first installed my outside louvers and saw them from the inside, I did not know about the blackouts panels. I almost took them off but I read about the blackouts. The color match and fit was dead on. The installation was easy and fast. The only problem that I had, I was driving on the highway with my windows up and both of the blackout panels flow off of my windows on to the back seat at the same time. I put them back on but it happened again. I just used silicon adhesive and I have not had that problem again.

Great product

Written by undefined on 20th Jun 2012

I highly recommend the Mustang Quarter Window Blackouts. They were easy to install and looked incredible. I hated looking out the window and seeing the backside of the louvers. This covers it perfectly and fits nice. I am very pleased with this product.

Must buy if you have louvers

Written by Jacob on 20th Jun 2012

This product really make the interior look great. I hated how the underside of the louvers looked, and these blackout panels matched the interior color perfectly. They look like they were there from the factory.

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