General Questions

Q: Why are your products more expensive than others?

A: Since 1990, Classic Design Concepts has been committed to providing the automotive restyling market innovative, quality products at reasonable prices.  For that reason, we use only the very best materials to produce some of the highest quality products available in the marketplace.  Our attention to quality, fit and finish puts us at the top of our class.  Our track record speaks for itself!  Less than 1% of our products have ever been returned due to manufacturer defects!  

Q: Why purchase CDC products when there are similar products for less?

A: While there are a great deal of products available to you, a large quantity of them are manufactured in lower quality materials with processes that are below OE standards, resulting in uneven fit, low-quality finish and overall inferior products.  We engineer our parts to fit perfectly every time, using only the best materials available.  We also develop our products with the average garage mechanic in mind, using mostly factory mounting points making every product as easy to install as possible. We provide detailed installation instructions with every product we ship, which are listed online for your convenience.  Should you have any difficulties, we also provide you with free technical support, from our very knowledgeable staff, via telephone or email.

We also offer same day shipping for regularly stocked items.  If we receive your order by 2:00 EST, it will be shipped out the same day at no extra cost!              

Q: Do I have to permanently modify my car?
A: Only a handful of our products require permanent modification to your vehicle, so if you ever wanted to return your car to stock, in most cases (with our products), it is simply a matter of removing those products.

Q: Is there a flat rate shipping charge for all items?
A: The shipping charges for each individual item have been calculated based on an average cost per item shipping to anywhere in the Continental United States (not including Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada).  When shipping outside of the United States, additional charges may apply.  Please contact us for rate quotes.  NOTE: When shipping outside the United States, customs and duties may apply, please contact your local municipalities for more details.

Q: I placed my order online and my order status still says "Pending Approval", does that mean there is a problem with my credit card?
A: No, we only process your credit card when your item ships.  If we have any difficulties processing your card, you will be notified via phone or email right away.  Once your item ships, you will be notified via email with tracking number for your convenience. 


Mustang Light Bar Questions


Q: What is the difference between a Mustang Convertible LightBar and a styling bar? 

A: Unlike a standard styling bar, the CDC Mustang Convertible LightBar incorporates a high mounted LED brake light which is embedded in the bar with its only visible surface remaining flush with the bar’s smooth design.  The brake light is wired through the bar and connects directly to the Mustang’s factory wiring so it activates when the brake pedal is engaged.  Also, this brake light provides added safety due to its high visibility to any driver behind your Mustang.

Q: Can I buy a CDC LightBar without the brake light?

A: Yes.  If requested, we can easily build you a LightBar without the brake light for the same price.  The price does not change only because there is extra labor involved in modifying the bar as they all originally come prepared to accommodate the light.  With or without the rear brake light, our bars are designed as a high quality component that will add extra style to your Mustang Convertible while blending perfectly with your vehicle’s interior.

Q: Does the brake light still turn on when the top is up?

A: On 2005-09 models, our revised wiring automatically disables the light when the top is up.  On 2010-13 models, the wiring limits the brake light to 10% while the convertible top is up which makes the light virtually undetectable.  On 2004 models and below, an external cut-off switch is required to turn off the brake light with the top up.

Q: What are the advantages to purchasing a CDC LightBar?

A: Classic Design Concepts is the ORIGINAL creator of the Mustang Convertible LightBar and features unsurpassed quality as it has been in production for over 20 years.  Because we engineer the LightBar ourselves, we take the extra time to use checking fixtures and physical tests to make sure that our bars are modeled to perfection.  LightBars are available for every Mustang from 1990 to present in a variety of perfectly matching interior colors.  The installation instructions are detailed and easy to follow, allowing for an efficient and stress-free install for any customer.  There are no concerns about quality with CDC which is why each CDC LightBar comes with a lifetime warranty!

Q: How is the CDC LightBar superior in quality compared to imitations?

A: As the original creator of the LightBar, most competitors duplicated our design by reverse engineering our product which results in a loss of fit and finish.  Unlike the styling bars designed to imitate our Mustang Convertible LightBar for a cheaper price, CDC does not sacrifice quality to give the impression of a good deal.  All CDC products are American-Made and of Original Equipment quality which means there are no fitment issues, mismatches in color, questions of dependability, or complex instructions.  Our Mustang LightBar holds strong and flush to the vehicle’s interior for an unsurpassed fit and finish.  Our grained vinyl is hand-wrapped around the LightBar and comes in the Mustang’s factory interior colors for a flawless match every time. 

Q: I bought my LightBar second-hand and have no templates or hardware, are they available separately?

Of course, just give us a call and we'll fax over a copy of the
template(s) for you.  Please be absolutely sure this is a Classic Design
Concepts product as template hole positions may vary slightly with
imitation products.  Additionally, if templates were omitted, you may be
missing the mounting hardware and/or brackets.  These can be purchased
separately from our webstore; click here.  Be sure to select the proper application for your model year.


2015 OUTLAW Products



Q. Are these wheels hub-centric for the 2015 Mustang GT or will they require hub rings?

A. They are hub centric. No hub rings required.

Q.  I know the offsets are different for these wheels, but are the lug bolt holes different or the same dimension?

For example, I currently have a set of staggered wheels from another manufacturer.  The 20x9 front wheels have a lug hole that is 1" in diameter x 2" deep.  The 20x10 rear wheels have a lug hole that is 1" in diameter x 1" deep.  To achieve a consistent look visually front to rear, I need two different sizes of lug nuts and wheel locks.  This is proving to be very costly and nearly impossible to find, which is why I'd like to switch to the Outlaws.  Can you provide the lug hole dimensions for the 20x9 and 20x10 Outlaws so I can determine if my lug nut problem will be resolved?

A.  Very interesting point that you have here. 

99% of all aftermarket wheel companies use the same diameter of the lug hole specs. 

As far as depth, there will be a slight difference to the front and the rear.  This is caused from how wheels are made to accommodate a "staggered" look. 

For example:

Since the front wheel is a 20x9.0 with an offset of 35 it will have different specifications and measurements than our 20x10 with an offset of 41

Now, there is good news for you since you own a 2015. 

We designed this wheel for customers to have an option of going with either a staggered look of 20x9 and 20x10 or you can go with 20x10 all the way around on all 4 corners. 

This will eliminate your lug nut concern completely. 

Q.  Will the Outlaws require small diameter lug nuts?

A.  Outlaw wheels don't require small diameter lug nuts. They are highly recommended due to being prudent - Installers of these across the globe could be different place to place. When you use a lug nut, such as a spline lug that comes with a thin wall key - it's less likely any damage will be done to the wheels. 

Ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. 

Q.  Does CDC offer special lugs nuts for the Outlaws?

A.  Yes, we can offer you the spline lug nuts that come with a key to put them on and take off. 

Q.  Are the Outlaws painted or powder coated?

A.  Powder coated. 

Q.  Appearance-wise would you suggest the silver or gun smoke colored Outlaw for a Magnetic Metallic GT?

A.  Either color would look great on your color car.  This all depends on the look you are going for. 

The silver is a gloss finish and the gun smoke is a Matt (dull) finish. 


05-09 Mustang Related Products


Mustang GT/V6 (2005-09) C-pillar Close outs 

Q: How are the Closeouts manufactured and what materials are used?
A: Same process as our headliners using the same material as OE headliner.

Q: What is the purpose?
A: To close out the backside of our Smooth C-Pillar Scoops.

Q: How do the Closeouts attach to the vehicle?
A: The scoops are applied with 3M acrylic foam tape.

Q: Can they be used with other Scoops?
A: Yes. We market them to be used with ours, but yes they will work with any scoop.

Q: What colors are available?
A: Charcoal only at this time.

Q: How long is the installation? 
A: 10 min.

Mustang GT/V6 (2005-09) Chin Spoilers

Q: How are the Chin Spoilers manufactured and what materials are used?
A: RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) Urethane.

Q: Do they come painted?
A: They are all available painted black with a light texture. 

Q: Do they require any special preparation to be painted?
A: No. They can be painted by any professional body shop. To be treated the same as a flexible bumper cover.

Q: How do the Chin Spoilers attach?
A: All 3 chin spoilers use 3M acrylic foam tape and utilize (2) factory screw locations on the inside of the fascia. The Aggressive Chin uses an additional 7 Stainless Steel ¼”-20 bolts. The V6 uses 4 addition self tapping screws.

Q: Does my fascia need to be altered?
A: V6-No. Classic-No. Aggressive – Yes. The aggressive chin requires a portion of the fascia to be trimmed away.

Q: Why does the fascia need to be trimmed for the Aggressive Chin?
A: The fascia needs to be trimmed to create a larger opening for air, a more aggressive look. This large opening is ideal for mounting an intercooler behind.

Mustang GT/V6 Shaker System (2005-09)

Q: How is the Shaker manufactured and what materials are used?
A: The Scoop is cast aluminum and powder coated black. The Engine cover is vacuum formed with PCABS. The Air Tubes are blow molded with polypropylene. All Brackets are 1/8" steel and E coated to prevent rust and corrosion. The "Mustang" badges are stamped aluminum. The Trim Rings, (upper and lower) are injection molded ABS.

Q: How does the Engine Cover attach to the Engine?
A: There is a steel bracket on the bottom side of the Engine Cover near the front that attaches to the throttle body with original fasteners. There is also a rubber mounted ball stud located at the rear of the intake manifold.

Q: How does the Trim Ring attach?
A: The Trim Ring is taped to the top surface of the hood with a 3M acrylic foam tape. The two halves of the rings snap together to ease with installation, and then they are riveted together.

Q: How does the system work?
A: Fresh air is introduced through the Aluminum Scoop and funneled to the Upper Air Tube of the Shaker. The air is then transferred from the Upper Air Tube to the Lower Air Tube that snaps into the factory Air Box. At this point the air is supplied to the high flow filter along with air from the factory location.

Q: Is the integrity of the hood compromised by cutting a hole in it?
A: NO. There is an indentation that was engineered on the bottom side of the hood specifically for this cut-out.

Q: Can the Shaker system be used with an aftermarket cold air intake (CAI) system?
A: The CDC Shaker system is a true cold air intake system, with no better place to pull cold air from than from the top of the hood. However, the Shaker can be used in conjunction with other aftermarket CAI systems if desired, but modification may be required to both the Shaker ducting and the CAI. Many CAI kits are designed with a 'shroud' around the filter. The ducting provided with the CDC Shaker can still be used with this shroud, but you will be required to cut a hole in the shroud, and you may have to shorten the length of the Shaker ducting depending on the overall size of the shroud.

Q: Can the Shaker system be adapted to work with a supercharger?
A: The Shaker system can be adapted to most centrifugal-type supercharger kits currently available, but it will require modification of the Shaker Engine Cover as well as some fabrication of the air tube. To date, we have successfully mated the system to cars with both the Vortech and ATI ProCharger superchargers. In these cases, the Shaker's engine cover required trimming to fit around the new/relocated components, and custom ducting had to be fabricated to extend from the Shaker-providing ducting to the supercharger's filter. The Shaker system will not work with a roots-type supercharger.

Q: Do you have any dyno results for the '05+ Shaker systems?
A: No. Based on previous experience, we have seen an average of 2% to 3% gain in HP. However, it is difficult to achieve a true 'gain' number on a dyno, as you cannot replicate the high wind speeds (and wind volume) the Shaker sees at highway and/or racing speeds. There is a modest increase of performance do to the high flow filter included in the kit as well as an added source of cool air. A more substantial gain in performance can be achieved through retuning as with all cold air intake systems for the '05-'06 Mustang. 

Q: Is water or inclement weather driving a concern with the '05+ Shaker?
A: No. The system was designed with water management as a top priority. The Engine cover includes four drain holes with attached high-temp rubber tubing to direct water away from the engine. Further, water escape holes have been designed in the ductwork, allowing any water to escape prior to reaching the factory air box. If water does make it to the air box it will drain out the bottom.

Q: Will the Shaker work with my 2005+ V6 Mustang?
A: CDC offers two systems one for the GT Mustang and another for V6 vehicles.

Q: How much space is there between the factory fuel rail and the bottom side of the Engine Cover?
A: When measured from the top of the factory fuel rail, just forward of the factory connectors on the driver's side:
- Top of fuel rail to highest point of the factory components is 1 7/8"
- Top of the fuel rail to the bottom side of the Shaker Engine Cover is 2 3/4"


94-04 Mustang Related Products


Q: How long will it take to install a Classic LightBar?
A: 1.5 to 2 hours (3-4 hours for 1994-04 model years).

Q: Do I have to weld or drill when installing the Classic LightBar?
A: No welding is necessary when installing the Light Bar, but you must drill "B" pillar and trim panel.

Q: How hard is it to install the Classic Sequential Taillights?
A: The process only takes about half an hour. The procedure includes replacing the factory harness with the Classic Design Concepts (CDC) harness.

Q: What is the warranty on most Classic Design Concepts products?
A: Lifetime Warranty.

CDC Mach 1 Questions

Q: Is that a Mach 1 Engine with a Cobra blower?
A: No, we replaced the factory Mach 1 Engine with a Cobra Engine. The total conversion cost was just under $20,000.00 dollars.

Q: What kind and what size wheels do you have on the Mach 1?
A: We have Magnum 500 Wheels by Wheel Vintiques on the Red Mach 1. We have 17x8 with a 5 1/4" backspace on the front and 18x9 with a 6 1/4" backspace on the rear.

Shaker System Questions

Q: Will the Shaker System work with a Supercharger?
A: As long as the factory intake is unchanged the Shaker System will fit. Currently CDC has duct work available for supercharged systems. We offer duct work that goes from an oval to a 4" round tube which will work on most supercharger applications.

Q: What modifications can be done so the system will work with the 69 or 70 Mustang?
A: The only piece of the Shaker System that will fit the 69 or 70 Mustang is the cast aluminum scoop. All other pieces require original 69-70 pieces. These pieces are available from Factory Muscle Parts. 813-626-1912.

Q: Will the Shaker System be available for the V6 Mustang?
A: Yes, the V6 Shaker system is currently available for the 99-04 body style vehicles. Please note 2003/4 V6's require the purchase of a GT Hood, because in 2003 & 4 Ford Motor Company changed the V6 hood to the 2002 Cobra Hood and the CDC appliqué does not work with the Cobra style hood.

Q: How do I account for the shortage of threads in the alternator housing?
A: You can compensate for the shortage by installing a M6-1.0 Helicol. Install helicoil into alternator housing, stopping when top of Helicoil is flush with surface of alternator. Use a high-strength thread locker when installing Helicoil.

Q: Will your CDC Shaker Kit work with a stock Mach 1 Hood?
A: Our Shaker System will not work with the factory Mach 1 Hood. The CDC Shaker will sit to low and too far back in the factory hood's opening. Modifying the mounting brackets to adjust the Shaker in the factory hood will alter the relationship of the Shaker to the air filter housing, thus rendering the CDC Shaker Air Tube unusable and the system non-functioning.

Q: How much power does the Shaker System Add?
A: You get about a 2% increase in power.

Q: Is it possible to purchase the shaker system components separately?
A: You can purchase Shaker components separately, call for pricing.

Q: Does the Shaker System Void My Warranty?
A: As with all of our CDC components we make all attempts to use factory components, hardware and brackets to avoid changing the factory mechanics. As for the Shaker System, we have designed it to route through the factory air box so the mechanics of the air flow to the mass air goes unchanged. CDC has just upgraded the amount of air that is flowing through the factory air box, similar to the system that is used on the factory Mach 1 Mustang those creating a Ram Air System.

Q: Does the Shaker System Require Re-flashing?
A: No, because CDC has maintained the use of the factory air box flashing is NOT required, but to enhance performance it can be done.