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2021-22 Mustang Mach 1 Shaker System

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CDC is excited to announce our Shaker Hood System for the 2021 Mustang Mach 1. The Shaker has been an iconic part of the Mach 1's heritage and we wanted to make sure that the Shaker made its way onto the latest version of Mach 1!

  • Our kit provides both form and function by funneling the air captured by the scoop into the cars airbox. Fresh air = more power! The scoop is mounted to the engine so of course you get the "Shaker" effect when you rev the engine.
  • We engineered the design to retain the OEM strut tower brace as well.
  • The scoop is constructed entirely of aluminum
  • Kit includes all necessary hardware and template to complete the installation. 

Reviews (3)

REVIEW of 2021 mustang shaker hood scoop

Written by patric starcher on 3rd Jan 2023

Overall I would give this product a 10 . My only complaints are as follows. First the trim ring that comes in the kit has insufficient double sided tape to attach it to the hood securely . I would highly suggest that the thickness of the tape be doubled in thickness. Second when installing the provided shims to properly level the mounting plate the instructions are a bit confusing. Some people are more of a visual interpretation rather than reading the instructions. I would suggest that you provide both a completed left side and right side finished picture of how the shims look . It would save allot of time and aggravation. As an ASE Master Tech it took me almost an hour to figure this out . The instructions also say to remove the under hood insulation and NOT to re install it . I was able to remeasure the insulation and cut it out to properly fit the installed scoop . In my opinion this looks allot better . I'm happy to help any future installs . Just t email me at Again thanks for an outstanding product.

Mach 1 Shaker Hood Scoop

Written by Pedro Laboy on 3rd Jun 2022

Very happy with the quality and fit of the product. A few things though you definitely need a larger variety of spacers and the two way tape for the trim ring is definitely too thin … but with patience I made it work. Tip… the template is really good but for added security on measurements I used the center line on my hood first (2019 GT) then spaced out everything according to instructions. Go slow!!! Be patient!!! You’ll love the end result!

It fits a GT with minor modifications!

Written by Jose Rodriguez on 2nd Jul 2021

This kit is on point. the instructions , the template, everything. Although they clearly say it is for a Mach 1, I made fit on my 2020 GT, I just needed to get longer studs and more spacers. Thank you for a great product, sorry I was constantly asking you when will this kit be out. this was a home run!

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