Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Spray

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Classic Design Concepts is proud to have teamed up with Croftgate USA to offer a complete line of Classic Detailing Products!  Our 3 step, eco-friendly and bio-degradable detailing process finishes with Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Spray


What it is:

  • Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Sprayis a specially formulated blend of emollients andgloss agents designed to leave your tires with a long lasting, satin smooth finish. Unlike most tire shine products Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Spray has a no sling formula to keep your car looking great and is made to be used on both wheels and tires. The best part about Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Spray is the optional finish of satin or gloss depending on application process.


How it works:

  • Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Sprayis designed to be used on the filthiest of wheels and tires. Liberally apply Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Spray to your rim.  The advanced formulation first breaks down and then suspend brake dust and grime. As you wipe, the product leaves behind a brilliant shine.  The anti-static properties in our Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Spraywill help keep brake dust off your vehicle making future cleaning quick and painless. 


Application Tips

* To obtain a gloss finishes liberally apply to your tire and let dry. 

* For a matte or satin finish apply a couple sprays of Classic Wheel & Tire Detail Spray to your micro-fiber towel and wipe.

* We recommend you apply and use all Classic Detail products with micro-fiber towels for the best results.

* Fold Towel in 4ths this will give you eight cleaning surfaces to work with.

* Work in sections, this will save time and the product will go further.


Reviews (1)

Classic Wheel and Tire Spray......this stuff really works!

Written by Rich Florence on 15th Jul 2015

I've been searching for a long time for a tire spray that doesn't look shiny and "wet". Up until now, everything I've tried has been either one way or the other, but not that soft flat sheen that this spray leaves. I just happened to see the article in "Mustang Driver" and this spray was mentioned in a favorable review, so I ordered it, and I wasn't disappointed. So far I'm really happy with the results and the look from it. I'm the owner of an all original Shelby GT-350 that I ordered and bought new in 1969. Although I have replaced the tires, everything else including paint, interior and drivetrain are as built. I also own a 2009 Shelby GT-500, so the tire coating was actually for both cars, but primarily for the GT-350. That's why I wanted that matte look of tires from back in the day without that artificial looking high-gloss finish. The only down side to the product is the spray bottle says what it is. The look is so good, I want to keep it secret what I'm using and not give anyone a hint of why my tires look so good at a show! Think I might put it in an unmarked bottle to keep the secret.

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